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Best Fabric For Embroidery

It’s not enough to know what are the best threads out there because if you don’t match it with the right fabric, it may still end up disastrous and you wouldn’t want that to happen especially if you recount the number of hours you painstakingly spent making your embroidery design. Truth be told, there are tons of fabric in the market. If you don’t have background knowledge on what works best on a specific thread, you won’t be able to get good results. The question everyone wants to know is, would it really matter which fabric you choose? The answer is definitely yes.

Best Fabric For Embroidery

For hand and machine embroidery, the best fabrics to use are those that have a taut weave such as wool, silk, linen, and cotton. Here are some of the best fabrics used in embroidery.

  1. Quilting cotton – this type of fabric is highly in demand. They are essentially heavier compared to heirloom pieces of cotton such as Swiss Batiste and Nelona. Even though heirloom kinds of cotton are considered 100% cotton, the downside to it is that the threads show through for both machine and hand embroidery. If you are going to embroider on tote bags, make sure you choose heavyweight canvas cotton also called utility cloth.
  2. Linen – compared to cotton, linen has more texture and it’s also way lighter but in terms of strength, it is way stronger compared to cotton. This type of fabric is highly sought after because of its strong, natural fibers.
  3. Silk – silk has given us the impression that it’s delicate because of its texture but in the world of embroidery, it’s a very strong fabric base.
  4. Wool – there are different types of wool – felted, pure, and synthetic, all of which are widely used in embroidery because it provides great depth.

The next time you go thread shopping, make sure you find the right fabric for it as well.